1. Improved fitness levels. Through your training, you will both get faster, and stronger and will improve and develop your stamina and coordination.
  2. Increased focus, concentration, and self-esteem. Through learning martial arts, you and your child will reflect on what you have learned and use this new knowledge to understand what does and doesn’t work. Martial arts teach confidence and resilience and give the ability to be resourceful when it comes to setbacks in life.
  3. You will get stronger physically and mentally! Exercise releases endorphins in the body which put you into a positive mood, leaving you motivated and ready for new challenges!
  4. Martial arts teach the importance of goal-setting and leadership. By providing fun and effective methods for all ages in our training sessions you will gain leadership and motivational skills.
  5. Keeping safe and recognizing danger. Combining both physical and mental self-defence enables you to be proactive should you ever be in a situation of an attack, helping to recognize and avoid it where possible or to handle the situation accordingly.
  6. Through concentration, flexibility, and balance. You will learn to control your body as well as your emotions, therefore learning self-discipline.
  7. Martial arts is a great way to exercise whilst having fun!


Self defence, Combat Sports, and Fitness classes for Kids and Adults in Telford and Shrewsbury.

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