Martial arts is very much built upon community, which thrives through teamwork. From supportive parents, friends, and the smile on our students’ faces when they achieve a new goal. Although everyone progresses individually, students could never do so well without a supportive team.

Working in pairs

Quite often during class students will begin to practice their skills with their peers. Practicing with a partner is vital for improvement and also really shows the value of teamwork. When working in pairs, students will learn to use good judgement to cooperate without silly behaviour so that everyone can practice skills safely and effectively. It is very important for students to work as a team to avoid chatter and lack of attention to the instructor when they should be focused and paying attention. If one student becomes disruptive the whole class will suffer. It is up to all students in class to hold each other accountable and to aim to be great teammates!


Participating in fun outings and being a part of fun events on weekends and after class is a privilege for the students. We love to host parties and part take in festivals,  but we wouldn’t be able to do any of these exciting things as an academy if our students didn’t work well as a team to participate respectfully. Whilst at festivals students should follow the same rules and behaviours that are expected during classes to ensure that these kinds of fun privileges can continue!

Shared goals

All of our students are working toward common goals. There is no pressure to keep up with other students but sharing a common interest and the aim to achieve higher grades means that you have a team to support and a team that will also support you in your hard work and achievements! Your martial arts family is there to support you and keep you going through your training! Positivity has a contagious effect; it passes on through the entire class.


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