Here are three words I have found and used in my martial arts training.

Courage: As if you have the courage to try something new. Also, not allow your fear to stop you from
moving forward or experimenting new things.

Respect: When you sit in a classroom with students and classmates from different martial arts, you
respect each other. Pay attention to each other’s bodies and abilities, and leave your ego at the door
before entering the training session.

Discipline: Complete an exercise, training session, or class from start to finish with real discipline to
achieve your points. Don’t accept or allow excuses, ideas, etc. Thoughts like “I’m so exhausted” or “I
can’t do it any longer” can affect you. Instead, you live by this discipline. “I’m going to do this” “I’m going to
decide to do this and do it and get myself and my body done with it”. ”

How to practice martial arts qualities in everyday life:-

I thought that positive qualities such as discipline, courage, and respect could only be utilized and
practiced in a martial arts lesson and training environment. It’s basically very restrictive.

Instead, we need to ask ourselves: How can we translate these traits, these words, the skills we develop
into everyday life situations?
A place where we live and show respect to all, wherever we are. We have courage in all areas of life.
The same goes for not only martial arts, but also work, relationships, and trying new things.

When we are disciplined in all areas of our lives, including projects, we do not allow ourselves to slack
off, we do not allow ourselves to become lazy or remain lazy. But we have to have the discipline to get
out of it and move forward again.

These are my suggestions for mapping the words, traits, and skills we cultivate. And how you can
incorporate these qualities into your daily life through your martial arts journey and training. Especially in
different contexts.

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