Roar Academy Instructors have previously gained extensive training in multiple martial art disciples such as kickboxing, Savate, Thai boxing, MMA, Krav Maga, KFM, Defence Lab & BJJ. With training, they also have reality-based experience in the Army, Close protection (Bodyguarding) and Door services for over 10 years.

Our instructors are continually training and studying martial arts to keep up to date and provide the latest knowledge to their students. They also receive ongoing training on how to provide quality teaching to ensure students learn life skills, achieve fitness and have fun at the same time.

Our team are approachable, passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced with kids, especially nervous ones. We help adults to achieve their goals and ambitions through the first class methodology.

We regularly monitor student’s progress and provide constructive feedback to make sure they continue to improve throughout their ROAR Academy journey.


Meet the team


Ravi Shergill is a professional Martial Arts Trainer, training adults and children.

Ravi also has extensive experience in different martial art disciplines such as boxing, Krav Maga, Savate French Kickboxing, MMA, DEFENCE LAB & BJJ  

Ravi has completed the entire martial arts training privately with world class instructors. 

Alongside martial arts, Ravi had a successful 10-year + career as a Senior Door Supervisor and Close Protection Officer. Ravi continues to study martial arts for his personal development and makes long journeys outside of the country to train with world-class instructors. 

Ravi is passionate and dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and ambitions through his first-class teaching methodology. Ravi also has enhanced DBS certificate.


Peter is a professional Martial Arts Instructor, teaching both adults and children.

Peter has extensive experience in different sports combat such as Kickboxing, Boxing and also Self defence reality based combat Krav Maga. Alongside martial arts Peter was also BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) champion.

Peter also works as a Door Supervisor in nightclubs throughout the country. 

Peter has his First Aid certificate, Level three Gym Instructor certificate and has an enhanced DBS certificate. He is approachable,  knowledgeable, friendly and experienced with children. Peter bases his teaching on emphasising realistic self-defence skills in a safe manner which is fun.

Michael Owusu Achiaw

Mike is a professional Martial Arts Trainer for Adults and children.

Mike has extensive experience in Combat Sports such as Boxing, Kickboxing, and Self- Defence.

Mike has more than over 20+ years of experience in boxing plus winning multiple medals & trophies. He is also a light heavyweight champion and national champion. 

Alongside martial arts, Mike had a successful career as Senior Door Supervisor at nightclubs. Mike had a DBS certification.

Mike is thorough in his approach & pays attention to details. He is passionate, highly disciplined & willing to pass on his knowledge.



Tamara Uyan is a professional Kickboxing instructor training Adults and Kids. Tamara is 4th Dan Blackbelt with 18 years of Kickboxing experience as well as a few years of boxing. Also hold many fitness qualifications.

Instructor tamara have lots of titles, including British, Welsh, National and World Champion and hold WUMA and UKMAS Hall of Fame Awards.

Tamara has her First Aid certificate and enhanced DBS certificate.

Tamara enjoys inspiring students to work for the progress they want to achieve.

Reece Sear

Reece Sear, a highly skilled and dedicated boxer with a passion for helping individuals achieve their goals through boxing, martial arts, and fitness.

With over 5 years of experience, Reece has had the privilege of training with numerous professional boxers and top-notch strength and conditioning coaches, refining his skills and knowledge in the sport.

In addition to his boxing expertise, Reece has also received training in MMA under the guidance of Coach Rav Shergill, further expanding his skill set. As a committed professional, Reece ensures a safe and secure training environment for all, as he is fully DBS-enhanced covered.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced athlete aiming to take your skills to the next level, Reece is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.




Jakub Boguszewicz

Jakub Boguszewicz, a highly accomplished MMA Instructor with a first Dan black belt in Shotokan karate.

With over 10 years of fighting experience and European championship titles, Jakub specializes in karate, Muay Thai, kickboxing, BJJ, self-defense, and boxing. His dynamic teaching style and passion for martial arts will empower you to reach your full potential in the world of MMA.

In addition to his expertise in martial arts, Jakub has an enhanced DBS check, ensuring the safety and security of his students. With Jakub as your instructor, you can trust that you are in capable hands.

Nathaniel Brown

Nathaniel Brown, our newest addition to the martial arts team.

With 10 years of experience in freestyle wrestling and 6 British and English medals, Nathaniel is a seasoned athlete.

As a Team England wrestler and a former member of the 2018 Commonwealth Games team, his expertise is invaluable.

In addition to his wrestling accolades, Nathaniel has 4 years of MMA experience and currently holds the Battle Arena British Middleweight Champion title.

He will be spearheading our the only wrestling classes in Shrewsbury, imparting his wealth of knowledge and skills to our team. Welcome aboard, Nathaniel Brown!





Abbi Evans is an enthusiastic and dedicated martial arts instructor with over a decade of experience in kickboxing.

Abbie began her mixed martial arts training in Qatar at the age of 6 and achieved her first black belt in kickboxing by the age of 11.

At Roar, Abbie leads kids kickboxing classes and assists with all-women kickboxing classes. Her focus on female empowerment in sports provides young girls with a positive role model in martial arts, showing them that they can learn to fight, protect themselves and become more confident.

In addition to her martial arts experience, Abbie is also an active and dedicated championship rugby player. She has balanced instructing kickboxing and coaching rugby since she was 13 years old. Abbie excels at creating engaging and effective training programmes that inspire and motivate her students.