Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, at some point you have probably experienced fear, doubt & anxiety in your training journey. This generally happens in many lifelong pursuits, there will be ups, downs, and plateaus in your practice.

If you ever feel like you’re questioning your ability within your martial arts training then here are a few tips on how to manage those feelings of self-doubt.


 If you are having certain thoughts that are making you doubt your skills, talking to someone about those thoughts and feelings can really make a difference. Don’t dwell on it, talk to someone who’s also experienced it! You’ll have plenty of training partners or Instructors who you can put your trust in.


Has there ever been any other point in your life where you’ve doubted yourself? If so, what did you do to get through it? Use your past experiences to help yourself through it. If doubt is a new feeling for you in your martial arts training then draw on your other experiences outside of your training that could help you through.


More often than not, these feelings of doubt start to set in when you compare yourself to others. Rather than comparing your journey to someone else’s, focus on yourself and how your improvement has come along! Acknowledge those minor improvements and look forward to the progress you’re still yet to make. If you’re ever worried about making mistakes or failing, just remind yourself that failing is all part of the process. Be willing to make mistakes, take the risk! This will take any unnecessary pressure off.


When you first started on your martial arts journey, what were the goals you set for yourself? When was the last time you thought about those goals? Maybe its time to revisit them, if it’s been a while then maybe your goals have changed. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are challenging but still within reach. If you’re overreaching then maybe it’s time to change your goals, take away any anxiety or questioning of your ability. Readjust your goals, reset your expectations and your mindset. You’ve got this!

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