ladies kickboxing

Women 13+

Classes in telford and shrewsbury

Our Ladies Kickboxing Classes offer you the opportunity to take on an exciting and dynamic exercise routine led by female instructor, Tamara Uyan.

Class Info

Our female instructor, Tamara, has lots of titles, including British, English, Welsh, National and World Champion and holds WUMA, and UKMAS Hall of Fame Awards.

Our classes are fun, challenging and rewarding. Perfect for beginners and experienced martial artists alike.

We understand that sometimes women can find exercising in groups, or even in general quite intimidating. Our objectives are simple to provide ladies with what they want.

If your goal is to get fit and start a new hobby or even to work your way through to black belt and compete in tournaments, then our ladies only kickboxing classes at Roar Martial Arts are the perfect go to.

A great way to reduce stress

Ladies only kickboxing classes at Roar Martial Arts can help you to achieve your goals, whether you are a complete beginner or at a more advanced level. We aim to help ladies achieve:-
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Burn more calories
  • Toning & Muscle Development
  • Build Strength
  • Become More Confident
  • Gain more energy & higher quality of sleep
  • Compete in tournaments
  • Learn Real Self Defence That Works!

Telford classes


Wednesday: Self Defence: Coming Soon!
Tuesday: Combat Sports: Coming Soon!
Monday: Ladies Kickboxing: Coming Soon!



TCAT College Sports Centre, Haybridge Road, Wellington, TF1 2NP.

Shrewsbury classes


Wednesday: Ladies Kickboxing:18:30 – 19:30
Friday: Ladies Kickboxing:19:45 – 20:45




3 Hussey Road, Battlefield
Enterprise  Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 3TE