Kickboxing has so many benefits, most of which are listed below. So, if you think taking up a form of martial arts could be for you, our classes at ROAR Martial Arts are perfect. We understand that starting something new can be very intimidating, especially for some women, if you have never done any form of martial arts before, or even any form of exercise before, even just the thought of it can be a bit scary. That is why we have started up Ladies Only Kickboxing classes in Shrewsbury & Telford. These classes are brilliant for beginners.

Read on to learn about how you can benefit from taking up kickboxing as your new hobby!


Kickboxing is an all-round great full body workout. It is a brilliant form of cardiovascular fitness so if you’re looking to improve your health, get fit and burn some extra calories it is definitely something to get involved in. Not only will it build your cardio fitness, but it will also improve your strength and speed.


Another great benefit to kickboxing is the social aspect. Not only will you improve your fitness and learn a great new life skill, but you will also get to socialise with so many other great people. These people will share similar interests and goals to you. Whatever reasons you have for taking up martial arts, you get to share the experience with others and make new friends in the process. Even if you aren’t looking to form new relationships, you will still gain some new, wonderful people in your life.

Boost Self-Esteem

Feel that you may be lacking in confidence? Want to give yourself that extra boost? Like previously mentioned above, through kickboxing training you will get fit, learn new skills, and meet new people. All of these factors contribute to a massive boost in self-esteem. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, endorphins bring on a positive feeling which will contribute to a better mood! Another great way to give you that confidence boost.

Self Defence

Self Defence is the most common reason for people to take up kickboxing, or any form of martial arts. Sometimes the world can be a scary place so having the ability to defend yourself is definitely an essential life skill that everyone should have.


Whether you take up kickboxing as a young child or later on in life, it is a great way to bring discipline into your life. You’ll notice that children who get involved with martial arts often become calmer and gain respect for those around them. Having a place to blow off steam and focus your mind on learning complex skills definitely helps with the discipline factor.