Martial arts not only trains the body but also trains the mind. As well as getting your kids up and moving around, it is also great for developing focus and concentration.

Through learning concentration and focus during martial arts classes, our students can also learn how to use these skills and focus more in their daily lives.


In order to learn, our students must stay focused and concentrate on our martial arts instructors. This means that they must have the awareness and skills to bring their attention back to the instructor, without being prompted, whenever they start to feel distracted.

Energy Outlet 

It can be extremely difficult to concentrate when you have a lot of pent-up energy.

Our classes at Roar Martial Arts create a safe and controlled environment where our students can direct and use energy that they will have built up throughout the day. Eventually, kids will learn how feels like to have too much energy and struggle to concentrate. They will learn that it is beneficial to take a few minutes to move around before sitting down to do something that requires more concentration.

Repetition and Practice 

When our students first start their martial arts training, they are introduced to the foundational skills they will practice throughout their training. The most common and effective way to learn these skills is through repetition. To get the most out of this repetitive practice, our students must be able to maintain focus throughout each class, which, as mentioned above, can be applied to other areas of their lives.


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