As a parent we are trying are level best to protect our child from physical and mental harm. Parents
spend time and money to provide their children necessary skills which will help them to deal with
adversity when they on their own.

A lot of students join Roar Martial arts classes as their parents are worried their children can get bullied
at schools. Bully can affect child physically and mentally which can leave detrimental impact even
when they become adults.

Mostly bullying happens to student’s who have low self-esteem, self-confidence, and lack in social
& communication skills to make friends.

Your children can face verbal or physical bully, but good news is martial arts classes can help them to
prevent and reduce the impact of bully on your child life.

Question is how Martial arts can stop the bully?

Martial arts classes help to build.


Self-defence classes help students how to stand up for themself, how to keep calm under pressure,
quick reaction skills to avoid the bully. Build confidence in them by developing strong character which
will ensure they are not easy target.

With effective self- defence training they will learn how to sense the danger, avoid the danger and
most important how to react to danger

Help your children to be safe from bullies by enrolling Roar Self defence, combat sports and fitness
classes in Telford and Shrewsbury.