Many parents get their children involved in martial arts classes for many different reasons, one of them being to help them develop focus. Most parents feel that their child lacks focus, and it can be difficult to get them to pay attention.  Often we don’t hear from new adult students that developing their own focus through martial arts is of key interest, but after training for a while, it is not so uncommon to hear them say how their organisational skills and focused has improved.
Does martial arts training really develop focus?  It’s not magic, nor is it instant, but yes martials arts really does help develop focus. In martial arts, one of the main things we talk about is attention, ensuring our students are watching and listening. We teach students to focus on the instructor whenever they are giving instruction, ensuring they are not being silly or talking to others. These behaviors are positively reinforced. We use various kinds of targets to practice striking techniques, this ensures that students learn to focus their attention and power.  Targets for practice is a very effective way to develop focus, precision, and power.  The sound, feel, and sight of hitting a target gives feedback, and reinforces every bit of effort. There are many different qualities to focus on through repetition, such as,  speed, power, extension, etc. At Roar Martial Arts we also practice drills that introduce distractions, to help students practice staying focused.
Another way martial arts trains people to develop focus is by using memory. Using one’s mind to memorize increasingly long or difficult combinations, takes concentration, and develops the ability to focus.  Learning and practicing individual techniques as well as combinations really aids to improve focus. It is not expected that should a self-defense situation arise, a student should make sure to only do a set response in a set order, but having repeatedly practiced such a response will make it more easier to respond automatically and successfully.
Throughout our daily lives, focus is a skill that everyone requires to be successful in completing daily tasks. Martial arts practice is one way to help train ourselves to improve that skill. 

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