One of the biggest obstacles in your martial arts training can be your own mind and your thoughts. Thoughts about failure and mistakes and how to avoid them at all costs is a very common thought.

Consistency – A consistent training routine offers a lot when it comes to your martial arts journey, how you handle failure, setbacks, and mistakes. With every training session, you build not only physical but also mental confidence in your skills. With consistency, you also get a chance to practice dealing with times where you usually struggle with performing those skills. So even if your training doesn’t go perfectly, Just remember that consistency is key.

Warm-Up – A warm-up not only physically prepare your body for martial arts training; it also warms up your mind. The time you spend warming up can clear your mind and prepare you for training. From the warm up, you’ll be in a better mindset to train and test out your skills and accept the outcome of each rep.

Keep an Open Mind – When trying something new in martial arts there is always a chance of success, but there is also a chance you will fail. If you’re trying to tell yourself that failure is not an option, it can bring on some unwanted anxiety… instead, remaining open to failure and seeing it as part of the learning process will help you gain a healthy mindset.

Let Go of Past Mistakes – When you make a mistake, use the experience and then let it go, this will allow you to grow. If you fixate on failures, then it will be all you can think about going forward. Making a mistake in the past doesn’t mean you will fail again. You need to learn and then let go.

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