Martial arts have been practiced and carried forth through many generations of mankind in diverse societies. Their esteemed age is verified by a number of ancient Egyptian, Indian, and Asian murals portraying hand-to-hand combat. Though these martial arts were developed primarily for self-defense, scientific studies and millions of personal testimonies indicate their key role in molding respectable characters, boosting confidence, giving a positive outlook, and gaining personal success. Research has shown a range of improvements in physical health, self-image, and social skills made by adult students when surveyed in less than 12 months of training. In children and teens, some improvements came along much quicker.

Martial arts and self-esteem

Self-esteem is our self-confidence and how we see ourselves. Perception of ourselves, greatly influences how other people perceive us. Building self-confidence is a naturally occurs while training martial arts. Men and women join for a range of reasons, but the many benefits they typically find as students increases their returns.

A person who has quite high self-esteem will likely be very active and social, is able to form bonds that get things done, because he or she believes their contribution is essential to a better life for all. Self- confidence gives you the power and the motivation to enforce changes where and when required.

Pushing and expanding your limits through enjoyable and powerful exercise will lead you to acquaint yourself on a deeper level. Trusting in yourself and the abilities that you develop over time will give you a new outward appearance as well. Understanding and accepting yourself, setting and achieving goals, are the way to a successful lifestyle.

Martial arts training obviously improves physical fitness, it aids muscle toning, weight loss, boosts energy levels and immunity, and generally makes you look and feel healthier. Naturally, this is a major boost to a persons self-esteem. As you advance through grades and belt colors, your pride and enjoyment will increase your commitment to reaching Black Belt or to winning competitions, etc. The intense focus you practice to control and execute the martial arts techniques removes any focus on fears or complexes. Martial arts eases stress and builds self-confidence at a steady pace in many students.

Research and studies

In 1986, a study was conducted to measure the influence of martial arts in a person’s self-esteem.

This study was conducted on 60 martial artists, who took part in the 1985 Battle of Atlanta tournament. They were split into four groups, Group 1 being people who held white – gold belts. Group 2 being purple – blue belts. Group 3 athletes had red or brown belts. And finally group 4 held black belts. Through a self-report questionnaire at a karate tournament, the people with higher belts displayed higher scores for “internal reliability.” Also, those people with higher self-confidence were seen to have performed better during the tournament.

In 1990, a study was conducted on 100 females to test the same. Of the 100, 51 practice Tae Kwon Do and the rest attended general health classes for a period of 18 weeks. It was found after the test that the women who participated in Tae Kwon Do showed more improvements in self-satisfaction, personal self, social self, physical self, and self-identity than the women who attended the health classes.

Self-satisfaction comes through continually achieving success. Self-confidence grows by repetitive reinforcement, as you achieve personal victories through martial arts. Near enough everyone can benefit from a higher self-esteem and better physical fitness, so consider joining a class at Roar Martial Arts and see the differences you can make!

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