Back to school

You may not be aware but martial arts can really contribute to helping your child with their school life so now is the perfect time to get them involved and learn something new.


We know how much  kids are into screen time nowadays, whether it be video games or phones. It can be difficult to get them up and moving, however, spending lots of hours doing very little can have a really negative affect on your child’s health. Martial arts is a great way to keep fit and healthy and it is important to exercise daily. Martial arts is very enjoyable so it’s the perfect solution to keeping your kids active.

Respect & Focus

Through martial arts training your child will learn the importance of respecting themselves and those around them. They will learn that during class they are to focus and pay attention to what they are being taught. They will know to be silent and concentrate whilst in class when their instructor is talking or demonstrating so that they can effectively learn new skills and better themselves. Learning respect and learning focus will continue into their school lives as it will become second nature to them.


Obviously, kids like to have fun and we know that kids learn faster when they’re enjoying something. Our classes are enjoyable and are guaranteed to help your kids learn new skills, keep fit and make new friends!

Dealing with bullying

Unfortunately bullying is a very real thing that can regularly occur in schools. One of the many benefits to martial arts is that your child will learn self defence. Now obviously we want our children to stay away from fighting outside of the ring. Through martial arts your child will learn how to keep calm and avoid bullies. Your children will know that their skills should only be used as a very last resort in order to defend themselves.

Through martial arts training your child will become more disciplined. They will learn that they are to stay focused throughout their class and listen to everything their instructor tells them. They will learn to ignore distractions and gain self-control. Obviously, all of this will massively have a positive impact on their classes on school, helping them to pay attention to their teachers and school work.

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