Roar Academy offers a variety of reality martial arts skills & level of physical fitness. We believe in open minded, positive motivation and encouragement of all students.

Our classes change lives for better including losing weight, building strength, discipline , self defence and making friends. Our programs have strong focus on personal development.

We develop life skills such as high setting goals, positive mental attitude & habits, determination, self- control and confidence.

What can you expect to learn at one of our classes?


The class will boost your self-confidence and esteem. At ROAR martial arts classes we push you out of your comfort zone. Therefore, helping discover self-confidence in achieving any goal you set in your mind.


The class will give you the ability to protect yourself and understand the human energy. In class, you will gain life-changing knowledge and training to defend yourself from any dangerous situation.


The class will enhance your awareness of your surroundings and increase your concentration levels, especially when you train under stress based on reality situations. It will increase your reflexes and reaction times in all activities.


Our class along with mental training equally focus on physical training. The initial warm-up session which involves aerobic and cardio exercise which will help in improving endurance, flexibility and strength.


Member Testimonials


From what age do the classes start?

Children can join our programmes from the age of 4.

Am I too old to attend the classes?
We have students over 60 years old. There really is no age limit. All we ask is for students to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.
I have never done any martial arts before, can I come to the class?
Of course you can, everybody has to start somewhere! We accommodate both beginner and experienced students.
What is the environment like in the classes?
All of our classes are very welcoming, we encourage and expect a safe place to learn, we work as a team and support each other. We also ensure students have fun each time they attend a class.
Why are prices not mentioned on the website?
We recommend attending the free trial to see the benefit you will receive for the amount you will pay. We strongly believe once you’ve had a feel for the class and a chat with one of our instructors, it will help you to make an informed decision regarding investing in your personal development.
Are your classes open during half term?
Yes. The only times we close during the year are for bank holidays, 1 week during the summer holidays and during the Christmas period.
Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to join the class?
No people come to our school to get fit, as a professional instructor we do push you out from comfort zone and motivate you to achieve your goals.
Is there a family discount?

Yes, we do a family discount of 25%.

My child has anxiety issues, will this suit him/her?
We have a few students who have anxiety and have reported an improvement in their anxiety symptoms since they have started training with us. We are offering a free trial in which we will be able to advise how we can help and work around it.
What can I expect to learn in class?
Every class is focused on building up confidence, fitness, discipline, core strength, flexibility and fat burning. All whilst learning combat skills of unique skills of self-defence and having fun.
What experience do the instructors have?

Our instructors are highly qualified black belts with extensive training in multiple martial arts discipline & combat sports such as; Boxing, Savate, MMA, Krav Maga, Keysi, Defence Lab, Thai Boxing & BJJ. With training they also have reality based experience in the Army, Close protection (Bodyguarding) and venue door security for over 10 years.