1) Promoting growth mindset

Martial arts classes we promote growth mindset rather than fixed mindset. In Fixed mindset environment natural talent or skills are praised whereas in martial arts classes we praise the effort of a child which has given them the confidence to achieve the best result.

2) Help with positive mental attitude

Martial arts classes emphasis on having positive mental attitude. Children are taught anything can be achieved if they are mentally prepared without any negative thoughts.  Using positive language give child confidence in accomplishing their targets

3) Set SMART goals

Martial arts classes set goals for children which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. In this way, it gives them the confidence to aspire to work towards their goals which is to value add life skill

4) Create supportive environment

Martial arts classes are a place where children from different backgrounds come together in a happy and friendly environment to learn self-defense, teamwork, discipline, and make friends. This environment will boost the child’s confidence

5) Develop physical behaviour

Martial arts classes helps them how to communicate and act with the individual around them. Teach them about body posture, eye contact and body language. This helps show confident body language even in stressful situations